Wet Weather Weddings


Wet weather weddings

Wet weather weddings… you ask…“What if it rains?”

That is probably one of the biggest questions running through your mind just before the big night, and it is a question we have been asked an endless amount of times. The special day holds a lot of value, and you would probably want everything to be perfect. However, from time to time, it just comes pouring down. This doesn’t mean that the photography will go bad, because we ALWAYS have a backup plan, and we make use of the wildest storms to get astonishing photography.

Even on the brightest of days, we have a backup plan just in case, as we have come across wet weather conditions on numerous occasions. We ensure that we will always have necessary equipment. This includes umbrellas, towels and even plastic bags! We will take a load of umbrellas along with us, so that the whole of the bridal party is protected from the rain.

Another important part of taking pictures is undoubtedly the location. Proper location scouting can alleviate any concerns. Creating great images even in bad weather is our speciality. We will a find a location which isn’t too far away, and which is simply stunning. We will “find the light” just as we always do, as we make use of a style which is classical, and based on techniques that are centuries old. At this point the weather is irrelevant.

It may seem very frightening when the droplets come falling down, but with a little bit of handy preparation from us, your beautiful photography will be just as stunning!

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wet weather weddings Brisbane wedding photographer

wet weather weddings

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