Quality time with family and friends?

Can we have quality time with family and friends after our ceremony?

Quality time with family and friends…


A wedding at the end of the day is about your union with your partner. It is to celebrate the bonding of you both, who have endless amounts of love for each other. However, it is also a time of festivity in the family, quality time with family and friends.  We love to capture the special family ­­moments, which you can look back at… years and decades later! Weddings are one of those rare opportunities for families to come together.

It is a priority for us as photographers to highlight that special bond between you and each of your family and friends. We do this by taking formal family photographs. Most of all, we make sure that your family and friends have the opportunity to say congratulations after the ceremony, rather than having to wait until the reception. This is one of our favourite parts of the day. Getting congratulated! The many special moments that occur during this time are truly beautiful.

 As well as this, we will guarantee that you will be creating lasting memories while having the time of your life.

 Trust us, the after effects will be heart-warming and you will always remember what you have been blessed with.  There will always be a smile on your face when you look back at these heartfelt photos, as it represents the unification of two families who are there for you throughout your wonderful marriage.

 If you want to meet with a wedding photographer who understands it’s your day, CLICK HERE to make an enquiry. We’re ready to photograph your amazing day!

Our Cannon Hill studio is open by appointment, for a casual chat with Chris (Master Photographer) who can give you all of the information you need to know before making any commitment.

Contact Chris today on 0407 377 787 or email at info@christopherthomas.com.au


Congratulations on your engagement!


Chris Thomas. M.Photog.
Master of Photography


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