Nobody is watching us

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Nobody is watching us … Finally…

After the ceremony has finished, the signing of the legal wedding register is performed. You sit down with your new husband/wife and sign the register as well as your wedding certificate. Your witnesses will also do the same. Just as you think “nobody is watching us”, you have a quick and cute cuddle with your partner, or it might be a little kiss, or perhaps the first “I love you” since being declared married.

Nobody is watching us

It’s such a perfect moment…

The moment only lasts for 30 seconds (maybe less), but it’s my favourite part of the day as a photographer. I’ll be right there to document it (but you won’t notice!). It’s the first time during the day the focus isn’t completely on you as the bride and groom, and we find most couples take advantage of it. Newly married couples think… Nobody is watching us  🙂 … It’s never planned, just a purely spontaneous exchange that is one of the most sweetest of the day. It is those little pockets of time we look out for… when you are holding hands with your partner, and giving each other adoring gazes… There are many little moments like this during the day, and a properly trained professional will know when these are likely to occur.

We will safeguard the fact that when you look back at these photographs, you will have a beautiful grin on your face. It is quite a heartfelt moment to see two people who are madly in love with each other, and your photographs will always remind you of the love and that you hold for each other.

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