DIY weddings

DIY Weddings

Most couples contemplate a “Do it Yourself” Wedding. Very few succeed in doing a full DIY wedding. Most couples succeed in doing a few items DIY to add personal touches to their day. So, where do you start? When you are planning your wedding, discuss and decide what is important to you both and what services or items you feel require a professional to provide you with the best service and products eg. Invitations, musicians, cake, photography…

The biggest tip we could give future brides and grooms is not to leave your DIY until the last minute. For our own wedding, we did our own invitations and gifts for our guests.   After some hours, searching Pinterest, I had a great idea. Sometimes an idea that seems so simple and easy to do can be time consuming. Many, many hours later of tying little bows our guests gifts were finished. I certainly did under estimate the amount of time it took and therefore the best advice would to be plan well in advance any DIY projects for your wedding and certainly allow double the time to complete. If you have wonderful and crafty family and friends I would also suggest delegating projects to them. Especially delegate DIY projects that can only be completed in the week leading up to the wedding or on the day of the wedding. And also, do your research before starting a DIY project as a DIY budget can easily blow out.

The last few days before your wedding are much better spent relaxing with family and friends than worrying about little bows…

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